Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder first diagnosed in soldiers and veterans, caused by exposure to life threatening or life changing events. Other traumatic experiences such as serious injury/accidents, natural disasters, physical, sexual or emotional assault, or any event where the threat of death is present-coupled with feelings of helplessness, horror and intense fear- may cause this disorder. While most people will experience some symptoms after a traumatic event, those with PTSD will have ongoing symptoms for longer than a month and may feel like they are constantly in “fight or flight” mode.The “fight or flight” response evolved as a protection mechanism to allow us to quickly respo...

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New research released just a few months ago confirms earlier studies and ancient evidence that Cannabis sativa is an effective therapy against Crohn’s disease.
Marijuana has been known for centuries as a treatment for gastrointestinal disorders. Because of marijuana’s status as a controlled substance, most studies have been small, but they have been increasingly common over the past 10 years.

In the journal Pharmacology, Researchers R.Schicho, Ph.D. and M. Storr published results of the first clinical trial on the effects of cannabis on IBD, Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn’s Disease.Crohn’s is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which causes inflammation to the lining and wall of the large and/or sma...

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Medical marijuana patients across the state got great news from the Arizona Supreme Court on April 22, when the judges ruled that police can’t charge drivers with being under the influence simply based on the presence of metabolites of cannabis in their blood.The ruling comes in the case of Hrach Shilgevorkyan, a Valley man pulled over in late 2010 for speeding and unsafe lane changes. Officers suspected Shilgevorkyan was impaired, and he admitted using marijuana the night before, so his blood was drawn. No alcohol was found, but Shilgevorkyan’s blood tested positive for carboxy-THC, a byproduct of marijuana that can linger in blood for days or even weeks, and he was charged with DUI.Shilgevorkyan asked the justice court to d...

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Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act has been in full swing with open, active state-licensed dispensaries for more than a year now, and by most accounts the program is flourishing.Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) has done an excellent job enacting our medical marijuana program and making sure state-licensed dispensaries can provide safe, legal access to the medicine patients need. DHS has managed this in the face of persistent opposition from politicians, regulatory bodies and law enforcement since voters passed the AMMA in November 2010.Despite this success, patients still face many obstacles to safe medication. The entire community must work together to dismantle these barriers, so the thousands of mothers, fathers and chil...

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Online Ordering at Bloom is Easy and ConvenientIn the never-ending search for convenience, I have discovered online ordering at Bloom Dispensary. Here are just a few reasons why it has been working so well for me:With summer quickly approaching, I tend to group all my shopping in one trip to avoid the heat. I can now place my order from my phone halfway through my shopping trip – or even beforehand – and set a pick-up time. No more melted ice or veggies baking in my trunk while I wait in line at the dispensary.Sometimes the amount of pain I have dictates my day – and everything I can or cannot do. Some days I know I cannot handle very much sitting, so being able to “skip a step” and pick up my order at the e...

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Medical Marijuana use for Hepatitis C – The Controversy

Almost four million Americans have chronic Hepatitis C, a debilitating inflammation of the liver caused by a virus, and while Arizona allows the use of medical marijuana for the ailment, the issue is still being debated in some states.The debate might be based on faulty conclusions.Hepatitis C, which is usually spread through contact with infected blood, causes severe fatigue and joint pain and can lead to depression, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Up to 30 percent of patients with Hepatitis C are also co-infected with HIV.Infections often happen through the use of shared needles, needle or instrument injuries in medical settings, unprotected sex, from a mother to her unborn child. Before 1992, when blood screening became available, ...

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