Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Bloom Dispensaries (“Bloom”) has elected to offer a points reward program (“Program”). Bloom reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, cancel or modify the Program at any time and for any reason and without prior notice.

Bloom reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to add, delete, change or revise the Terms and Conditions of the Program including, but not limited to, qualifications for participation in the Program, Program features or procedures, the imposition or discontinuance of special promotions or offers, additions, deletions or revisions of Rewards offered, revisions of the amount of points required for Reward Redemption, revisions of point caps, limitations or expiration periods, revisions to disqualifying events or the imposition of new, revised or additional Program terms. Bloom reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to terminate the Program, with or without notice to you, and without any liability for any accrued points or other rewards available to You under the Program prior to such termination.

You will be responsible for both determining and paying any federal, state or local taxes, fees or other charges, if any, that may be imposed by any governmental or regulatory authority on Rewards obtained through the redemption of points, whether or not such taxes, fees or other charges are imposed at the time of point redemption or subsequently.

Bloom reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to disqualify any Program member from participation in the Program and to cancel or invalidate any points in cases of actual or suspected abuse, fraud, violations of the Program Terms and Conditions or any actual or suspected abuse or fraud with respect to the Rewards Account.

Neither Bloom nor its third party service providers, their respective employees, officers, affiliates or agents assumes any responsibility for, and will not be liable for, any financial loss, personal injury, property loss or damage, other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which You may suffer by reason of any act, default, nonperformance or wrongful, careless, negligent, or unauthorized act or omission of any Program supplier, its employees, or any third party.

Neither Bloom nor its third-party providers, their respective employees, officers, affiliates or agents will be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for any bodily injury or property damage that may result from participation in the Program nor for any damage, loss or expense of any nature resulting from the usage of any Reward, defects in any Reward or from any cancellation irregularity or mishap affecting the Reward received through the Program.

You agree to notify Bloom promptly upon the receipt of Your Program statement of any errors relating to the addition or deletion of Program points on Your Rewards Account but in no event later than thirty (30) days after the error appeared on Your statement. You agree that Bloom shall have no liability to You to either restore Points or for any monetary damages resulting from a loss of data. Points have no monetary value and may only be redeemed in accordance with the Program rules, and Terms and Conditions.

All trademarks, service marks and trade names used in this Program are with the permission of the respective Program suppliers. Program suppliers are in no way affiliated with Bloom, nor are they considered sponsors or co-sponsors of this Program. All trademarks, service marks and trade names used by Bloom in this Program, including the Bloom logo design are property of Bloom IP Industries LLC. No use of these may be made without the prior written authorization of Bloom.

By accumulating and redeeming points under the Program, You agree to all of the Program features, limitations and restrictions contained in these Terms and Conditions (including any amendments) as well as any additional terms and conditions contained in any Programs, promotions or transactions that may be offered to You from time-to-time and any terms and conditions contained in any certificate, coupon or document issued to You under the Program.

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